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7 de octubre. Cierre de convocatoria para pasantías en Volkswagen AG

Publicado el 19/09/2007 en Institucional

La Secretaría de Desarrollo y Asuntos Internacionales de la UCC informa que hasta el 7 de octubre de 2007 se encuentra abierta la convocatoria para hacer una pasantía en Alemania en la firma Volkswagen AG. Los interesados deben enviar su CV a [email protected]

Más información:

Firma: Volkswagen AG
Abteilung: NSC Clustermanagement Europa – K-SOK-1
Adresse: Hermann-Münch-Str. 1 - PLZ 38432 – Wolfsburg - Deutschland


Working hours
Monday to Friday - Flexitime
35 hours per week (lunch time excluded), at least 4 hours per day.

• The intern will give support and will be actively involved in different projects in the department, covering:
­ IT Solutions for Importers: Assist importers in order to find better IT Solutions for their companies and the whole Group. Particular projects with individual importers will be carried out.
­ Design of handbooks: Design processes, define roles, tasks and interactions between the processes for the department.
­ Events: Collaborate in the organization of different events and take part of them: presentation of international projects, meetings with importers and consultants, workshops.

• The intern should support the work of his/her colleagues in the daily work.
­ Data collection and preparation of presentations and management charts to be presented at different levels inside the company.
­ Data analysis (SLAs, general contracts, specific information).
­ Support of financial planning.

• The intern will always work under the direction of his/her tutor and they will jointly look for interesting projects for the intern.

• The intern will be involved in international project teams. He/she will learn to work in an international context, sharing experiences with colleagues from European countries (mainly).

Starting date
February / March 2008

Duration of the Traineeship
Minimum 6 Months, option to extend.

Monthly payment
€ 615 (gross)

• To be in the 5th year of Business Administration or Accounting or to be graduated and currently enrolled in a Master program.
• Backgrounds:
­ Management Information Systems
­ Accounting – Cost accounting
­ Introductory Finance
• Skills:
­ Computer: MS-Office (Excel, Word, Power Point), Internet.
­ Driver´s licence (preferred)
• Languages:
­ English: Excellent
­ German: Good

Contact: [email protected]

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